This form is intended for applicants for U.S. citizenship who seek an exception to the English and civics testing requirements for Naturalization "because of physical or developmental disability or mental impairment."

Some applicants filing for the United States Naturalization and can not pass the Citizenship English language exam are able to apply for a waiver exempting them from undertaking such Test . Such applicant must have a True and Valid physical and or Mental / Psychological ailment that makes them unable to retain information in English language that is necessary for them to pass such a test.Lawful permanent resident applying on that basis are required by USCIS to submit Form N-648 completed by a designated civil surgeon. Form N-648 is used to report results of the Naturalization Medical Physical Examination Waiver to USCIS. The examination is required to establish that an applicant has an ailment , illness or Disease that would make it impossible for the Green card Holder to pass The United States English History and Language Examination conducted by USCIS.

You must file a Current USCIS Form N-648. Our Civil Surgeon is kept up to date with all new forms. After completion of the medical examination, the civil surgeon will give the applicant, the completed Form N-648 in a sealed envelope.

The Sealed Envelope is Opened only by USCIS officials.The Seal should Never be Broken by the Applicant , his or her lawyer or any other Individual. USCIS will return the form to you if it is not in a sealed envelope or if the envelope has been opened or altered.

Our Civil Surgeon will give you an exact copy of the N-648 Form that is placed in the Sealed Envelope.

It is the applicant's responsibility to submit the Form N-648 to USCIS, not the civil surgeon's. Our office NEVER mails the application or submit it on behalf of the applicant. Our office recommends that you submit Form N-648 to USCIS as soon as you are handed the Sealed envelope containing your forms.